Technical Resources

The main programmes used for the development of a range of different engineering jobs are as follow:

Metal structure calculation

Cype: Metal 3D

With Metal 3D, we calculate any kind of structure made from steel bars, carrying out all the checks required by the Spanish CTE standard, Eurocode and other international standards.

Power Frame

In those, more specific cases in which it may be necessary to carry out checks with second order stress and dynamic analysis or overhead cranes integrated into the structure, we use PowerFrame.

Power Connect

With PowerConnect, We calculate the bolted joints of the metal structure using direct importation from PowerFrame. All calculations made with it comply with Eurocode 3 and annexes relating to connections.

Civil works calculation


With this programme we calculate and dimension in 3D reinforced concrete and metal structures subjected to horizontal and vertical actions in buildings and civil engineering projects.

Piping stress and flexibility

Auto Pipe

We provide a comprehensive proposal for the design and analysis of pipes, including rapid analysis and visualisation of piping systems. For companies that work in sectors such as nuclear energy, chemical plants, oil refineries, etc.

Pipe drawing

AutoPlant Piping

AutoPLANT Piping takes advantage of the latest AutoCAD Technology to make intelligent, three-dimensional models of piping installations in industrial plants. It also works on Microstation.


With the aid of this programme, we generate isometric diagrams of piping automatically, and draw up materials lists directly for purchasing.

NavisWorks JetStream v.5

This programme allows us to check quickly for interferences in small or large models. It makes a visual and easily understandable analysis. Represents collisions in a graphical and visual manner and allowing for real time verification.

Pressure vessel calculation


Solution for the structural design of vertical or horizontal pressure vessels, including heat exchangers. For carrying out calculations in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Divisions 1 and 2, the PD 5500 and the EN 13445 standard.

3D metal structure calculation

Prosteel Professional

Conceived for the design and construction of steel structures, from the creation of the 3D structure, details of drawings and creation of lists of materials, to the export of data to NC and ERP systems.

Finite elements calculation

We carry out special finite elements calculations for civil works and metal structures, simulating faithfully the load applied, stresses and fatigue of material, including stresses caused by explosions.