Human Resources

Currently, Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L. has a staff of 12 persons who make up a multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified designers and calculators, with broad experience in the areas of industrial design and engineering and with a clear, customer oriented strategy. We subcontract some very special drawing or calculation jobs to specialised companies under our supervision and direct control.

Organisational Chart

organisational chart

Detailed Engineering Project Management Process

Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L. has the AENOR 2008 Quality certificate, which ensures the overall management of engineering projects in accordance with the following diagram:


Coding of Design stages according to IT01 Annex IV:

  • U: Letter that identifies the stage as a caclculation stage, C; or preparation of drawings, E..
  • EX: Dossier code initials (Coding according to IT01 Annex I)..
  • XX: Correlative number.
  • YY: Last two numbers of current year.
  • Z: Optional letter, chosen appropriately to identify important modifications in the document.
  • FF: Correlative number corresponding to each project area (Coding according to IT01 Annex V).
  • GG: Code number of the project stage:
    • Of calculations if U=C (Coding according to IT01 Annex III).
    • Of calculations if U=U (Coding according to IT01 Annex II).