Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L.U. is a company specialised in Engineering services for Industrial Plants and Architecture, with special reference to any of the areas that might intervene in the development process of industrial installations.Dossier

Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L.U. was founded in 1988 and since then has offered a range of different services to its clients. Today, it is a modern and dynamic organisation, capable of meeting the most important challenges of the future. Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L.U. works on the basis of the day-to-day improvement of its competitive advantages:

  • Services adapted to the individual requirements of each client
  • Innovation and updating of resources
  • Commitment to quality and the continuous improvement of processes

For all these reasons, Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L.U. has a multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified designers and calculators, with broad experience in industrial design and engineering and with a clear, client-oriented strategy.

Likewise, in its determination to offer its clients the best solutions, Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L.U. makes intense use of the latest technologies, based on 3D CAD and calculation programmes of recognised prestige for each one of their particular applications.

Since its formation, our company has concentrated its efforts on the preparation of detailed, carefully-studied Technical Specifications both for invitations to bid and for the Implementation of construction work as well as meticulous Detailed Engineering. We consider that this is the basis for any good Project, in order to avoid improvisations and modifications during erection, with the consequent increase in costs. To sum up, this company considers that it is extremely important to make sure that the DETAILED ENGINEERING is well done.

Edificio E2 - Parque Tecnológico de Miñano

According to market requirements and in answer to the demand from several of our clients, we also develop "turnkey" projects, including both Implementation Projects and Industrial Activity projects, MINP, Safety, etc., including the negotiation of all the permits from a range of different organisations and the and development of products in which we take responsibility for subcontracting specialised trades and take full responsibility for the project as a whole, delivering the completely finished building without any bother for the owner.

Boutefeu Ingeniería y Desarrollo, S.L.U. started out in the field of Civil Engineering and Metal Structures for the Petrochemical Industry and subsequently broadened its range of activities to include all aspects of the design of all kinds of Industrial Installations through the incorporation of specialised personnel, to cover the following areas:

  • Industrial Building and Urban Development
  • Civil Engineering of concrete or metal structures, foundations for special machines, etc.
  • Process piping, stress calculations, gas conduits, etc.
  • Pressure and vacuum vessels, columns, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Installations and General Services for production
  • Installation Design
  • Singular Architecture.
  • Electricity
  • Technical coordination and supervision of construction work
  • Coordination in health and safety issues
  • "Turnkey" projects